Legal Coaching: Banaszek Family Law offers legal support that fits your needs

At Banaszek Family Law, we understand that retaining a lawyer to represent you in your family law or divorce matter can be an unexpected and costly expense. We also understand that no one else knows your family law matter and family dynamic better than you do, so self-representing may be the most effective option.

To help alleviate the financial burden and to provide clients with the amount of legal support they require, Banaszek Family Law is proud to offer legal coaching and unbundled legal services to better serve Albertan and British Columbian family law clients.  

What is legal coaching?

An increasing amount of family law litigants find themselves stuck between being unable to afford a lawyer and not qualifying for Legal Aid services. Many people who want to (or need to) self-represent in their family law proceeding can also obtain assistance from a family lawyer to ensure that the documents they are filing are completed adequately, to gain a better understanding of the court process, or to prepare for and feel confident about attending at court, mediation, arbitration or Questioning (Discovery) on their own.

Legal coaching, often called “unbundled legal services”, gives clients the control and convenience of contacting a lawyer at their discretion to obtain assistance. With legal coaching, the client receives the advice and support on any discrete aspect of their family law case. The resulting legal bill can therefore be significantly reduced as the client is only paying for the assistance they requested along the way.

If you are a legal coaching client, the firm and lawyer you have hired will not be on the Court record as your counsel. This means that you would represent yourself in court and receive all correspondence and court documents from the opposing party, the opposing counsel or the court, directly. It would be your responsibility to contact Adrianna Banaszek to request specific assistance at any step in the proceedings.

As a legal coach, Adrianna Banaszek works in the background to assist you. Legal coaching clients can contact Banaszek Family Law to obtain legal advice like a fully retained client would, but taking next steps in your matter would be your responsibility. It is essentially a dial-a-lawyer legal service option, but the lawyer picking up the call or responding to your emails understands where you are in the legal process so that you are receiving efficient advice.

Am I married to one type of representation?

Family law and divorce proceedings are unique and dynamic. If you enter into a legal coaching relationship, you are not stuck with it if you crave more support and wish to have full legal representation. On the other hand, you may need to reduce the level of representation received from your counsel, which is why we understand that sometimes full representation will turn into a legal coaching relationship. The type of legal services required to serve you best may change as your case evolves, and Adrianna Banaszek is prepared to adapt to your situation.  

It is recommended that you first meet with a family lawyer practicing in the jurisdiction in which your family law matter is located before making a decision about the level of legal support you wish to obtain. Adrianna Banaszek practices family law in both Alberta and British Columbia.

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